Bible Classes for all: 9:45am
Worship: 10:45am and 6:00pm

Bible Study: 10:30am
Potluck Meal: 11:30am

Bible Classes for all: 7:00pm

We are here to serve

We are excited about the year 2015. This is a year of significant impact. This is a year in which we hope to change lives, and see greater significance and impact in all that we do. Join us as we embrace the opportunities of 2015 to grow, and to serve. We are here for our families and our communities. Join us for a year of Significant Impact.

How we can Serve you

What some of our members say...

"We have been to many congregations, before coming here. This congregation is a joy and a delight. Thank you so much for embracing us."
"There is a warmth, and friendliness in the Quartz Hill Church of Christ, that is truly wonderful, and very unique."
"When we arrived here, the sermon was exactly right for us. It was just what we needed at the right time. Thank you so much."
"This is a congregation that is committed to the truth of the Word, and also to the Grace of its message. It is a priviledge to serve here."